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  • Business Trip to Russia

    Business Trip to Russia

    Going-to-Russia is the part of Uniglobe international, the largest franchise Travel organization in the world, and have been specialised in matter work in traveling to Russia. Using our own network we give advice for optimal flight- and traveling routes to the less well-known destinations in Russia. 

    Our experience, personal approach,…

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  • Cultural Bicycle tours

    Cultural Bicycle tours

    Cycling tourism is an excellent way to spend a vacation with benefits to health, to visit historical places and be one with nature at the same time.
    One of the most interesting cycling routes Central Russia goes along the Golden Ring.
    Travelers go throught ancient Russian towns of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Ouglich, Myshkin, Yaroslavl, Vladimir and…

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  • Trip through Samara

    Trip through Samara

    The culture and history of the region, where people of more than 40 nationalities live, help develop educational tourism.

    The Zhiguli Hills, green woods, sandy river islands and calm creeks give a continuous change of the landscape. There are modern sanatoriums, rest homes and tourist centers in the pine-woods, on the banks of the Volga and in…

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  • Trip througt Novosibirsk

    Trip througt Novosibirsk

    Novosibirsk lies at the crossroads of Russia - one of the main Transsib points - from where it is possible to go to any direction! The Novosibirsk State Opera House is one of the biggest in the world and its stage is still bigger than that of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow!

    Novosibirsk's scientific center "Akademgorodok" is the…

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  • The Silver Ring

    The Silver Ring

    A fascinating journey to the cities of so-called the Silver Ring of Russia - Saint-Petersburg, Karelia, the islands of Valaam and Kizhi.The history and spiritual heritage of these places attracted pilgrims, travelers and common people from all over the world for a long time.
    The natural beauty of Russia's North, the plants and animals of this…

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  • Weekend in Moscow

    Weekend in Moscow

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  • Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Saint-Petersburg is built on 42 islands. The beautiful and stately Saint-Petersburg speaks to many of the imagination. 

    Saint-Petersburg is a city with a fabulous cultural character. It's good to know that in Saint-Petersburg official festival period, which is named White Nights. This festival period lasts from June 18 to 30: that's a big…

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  • De Gouden Ring

    De Gouden Ring

    The itinerary runs through the Moscow, Yaroslavl, Costroma and Ivanov regions and this gives the tourist a splendid opportunity to enjoy the fabulous charm of the Central Russia - endless plains, covered with deep forest, birch groves, high hills, lakes, rivers - the landscapes glorified in folk legends, engraved on the pictures of Russian…

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  • Trip througt Yekaterinburg

    Trip througt Yekaterinburg

    There are large numbers of tour operators in the city who arrange for various tours to the Yekaterinburg tourist attractions. You can be a part of these tours to know this city to the fullest. Some of the major Yekaterinburg Tours includes City Tour, sightseeing tour and many others.

    Some of the major Yekaterinburg Tourist Attractions include…

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  • Walking tour in Volcanoes

    Walking tour in Volcanoes

    While hiking around volcanoes and geysers you experience the Pacific Ocean, fascinating volcanoes and spectacular geysers. After the hiking tour you can relax in one of the hot springs. 
    An impressive experience is the Fontan geyser. Every 17 minutes it blows steam and boiling water. The big geyser Velican sometimes lets his viewers wait up…

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  • Jeep tours

    Jeep tours

    During a jeep tour you can visit Altay, Khakasia, Tuva and a legendary Baikal Lake. Various landscapes, pristine environment and beautiful views, local villages, accommodation in tents or comfortable tourist centers - all this expeditions provide
    good conditions for organizing off-road safaris in Siberia.

    The speed and the route depend on…

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  • Kamchatka Land

    Volcanoes, geysers, water, bears and reindeer, this trip offers it all. The smoke from the volcanoes and geysers can be seen from a far distance. Soon it feels like paradise. The tour will introduce you to the versatile Kamchatka. Cruising the Pacific Island Starichkov to observe the bird colonies is a whole new experience. 

    A once in a…

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  • Trip to Arkaim village

    Trip to Arkaim village

    "Anastasia" Trip to Arkaim village.
    The fascinating trip to the " Anastasia" village, somewhere in Oeral.
    It is probable one of the particular trips in this area: you come carry cultures with the spirit of this country…

    According to Siberian people the Arkaim village a a holy village: there lives a woman Anastasia,…

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  • Trakking in Altai

    Trakking in Altai

    There are many mountains in Russia, the bald Sayan Mountains in Baykal meer, ranges of Altai, and volcanoes of Kamchatka. Hundreds of itineraries and programs have been developed for those who love mountain climbing, skiing or speleological tourism.

    Many varieties of deer populate these valleys and the open areas are grazed by mountain…

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  • Rafting in Altai

    Rafting in Altai

    Altai is the places of lakes, the most popular places in Russia for travel on water, in the rivers. There is a lot of fish in these waters. On the banks there are a lot of mushrooms and berries.
    A paradise for canoeing enthusiast and fishermen. In those places that are recommended for family vacations, etc. With wild rivers and impassable…

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  • Trekking in Baikal Lake

    Trekking in Baikal Lake

    You can travel on foot in almost all parts of Russia – from the Arctic tundra to the southern steppes. In many places you can combine trekking with mountain climbing. The Baikal Lake is one of the most exciting places for trekking. You can organize a full range of adventure on foot, from the simplest short walks in the mountains that can be…

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  • Hiking in Ural

    Hiking in Ural

    Hiking in the Urals is the nice to experience. The Deer’s Streams park (a national park) is one of the beautiful hiking places. This recreational hiking tour includes a visit a lot of interesting things: from to a grotto which served the primitive men as a shelter and to walking over hanging bridges. You will see a lot amazing sites and you…

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  • Hiking in Altai

    Hiking in Altai

    Walking, meeting, enjoying!
    This special region with its incredible mountains, rivers, forests and deserts lends itself extremely well for exploration.Do you want an exciting hike through the mountains or along steep precipices? Whether you prefer walking more relaxed about green meadows, past waterfalls and through vast landscapes? Everything is…

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  • Bicycle


    Altai bicycle tours abound in big variety of routes, principally combined one.
    Bicycle tours expect the participants to cycle, as well as to drive a sport-utility
    vehicle, ride and raft along mountainous rivers.
    Picturesque landscape with forests and rivers, pine and birch groves give a sunny
    Altai trip a unforgettable charm.

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  • Fishing in Sakhalin

    Fishing in Sakhalin

    Sakhalin taimen is permitted for fishing only in Russia’s Sakhalin island. Taimen for a good reason is frequently called by the locals water tiger or river wolf. Also called chevitsa is the only species of taimen that migrates to the sea. It is inhabited in Sea of Japan, from where it is in spring and in summer entered into the rivers…

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  • Fishing in Kamchatka

    Fishing in Kamchatka

    The Rainbows of Kamchatka are fortunate compared with another fishing places. Being further south with warmer weather patterns allows for a significantly larger biomass. This food-rich aquatic environment has created a fishing mecca. While some anglers prefer a fishing trip organized around floating downstream to a new camp each day, others…

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  • Fishing in Baikal Lake

    Fishing in Baikal Lake

    The Baikal Lake is the deepest sweet water lake in the world, and the pacturesque nature of the area. This region is very rich in fish and is said to be a real paradise for any fisherman. In the rivers and lakes it is possible to fish taimen, grayling, nerpa, lenok, whitefish, pike, burbot and such a species as Baikai Omoel is absolutely…

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  • Hunting in West of Russia

    Hunting in West of Russia

    Represented on the sight in places for hunting — North-West Region — Saint-Petersburg, Pskov and Novgorod area and Karelia and Kamchatka — are characterized as having sea climate. Main interest for hunter in this area might be caused by birds wood-grouse and heath-cook, wood-cook and hazel-grouse, in Karelia there are places…

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  • Hunting in Middle en Far East

    Hunting in Middle en Far East

    The greates interest for trophy huning in this p is coused by brown bear. A Bear, like any other beast of prey, has well — developed sense of smell, that is used by hunters when of smell, that is used by hunters when they put out attraction for them (spoilt meat of fish).

    Lynx and wolf. The number of these beasts of prey varies depending…

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  • The Novosibirsk region

    The Novosibirsk region

    Here is an ordinary picture a traveler may occasionally come across in the Novosibirsk region: fields, birch groves, a brook and a tiny village nearby. Such delightful landscapes can be observed as far as only 10 km away from the city line. If one gazes at the direction of South-East long enough he or she might soon find that some massifs start…

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  • Cruise on Volga river

    Cruise on Volga river

    Every country has its national river," said famous French writer Alexandre Dumas, "and Russia has the Volga -- the longest river in Europe, the Queen of rivers -- and I was one of the many who went to bow to her Majesty River Volga."

    The best way to experience the Volga, though, is from the deck of the Russia river cruise ships…

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  • Wellness in Moscow

    Wellness in Moscow

    The picturesque nature of the Moscow area – with its large forest and rivers.
    Lakes and mineral springs – create favorable conditions for health-improving
    rest and medical treatment.

    There are three health resorts of the federal level in the area: Dorokhovo,
    Mikhaylovskoe and Tishkova. Their main medical factors are natural…

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