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Cultural Travel

Cultural Travel

The cities of Russia are well- known for their cultural attractions. Many people in the last 10 years have visited once Moscow, Sint-Petersburg, Golden Ring and Silver Ring.
The way to discover this is now open for you…

Our offers in Cultural Travel

  • Cultural Bicycle tours

    Cultural Bicycle tours

    Cycling tourism is an excellent way to spend a vacation with benefits to health, to visit historical places and be one with nature at the same time.
    One of the most interesting cycling routes Central Russia goes along the Golden Ring.
    Travelers go throught ancient Russian towns of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Ouglich, Myshkin, Yaroslavl, Vladimir and…

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  • Trip through Samara

    Trip through Samara

    The culture and history of the region, where people of more than 40 nationalities live, help develop educational tourism.

    The Zhiguli Hills, green woods, sandy river islands and calm creeks give a continuous change of the landscape. There are modern sanatoriums, rest homes and tourist centers in the pine-woods, on the banks of the Volga and in…

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  • Trip througt Novosibirsk

    Trip througt Novosibirsk

    Novosibirsk lies at the crossroads of Russia - one of the main Transsib points - from where it is possible to go to any direction! The Novosibirsk State Opera House is one of the biggest in the world and its stage is still bigger than that of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow!

    Novosibirsk's scientific center "Akademgorodok" is the…

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  • The Silver Ring

    The Silver Ring

    A fascinating journey to the cities of so-called the Silver Ring of Russia - Saint-Petersburg, Karelia, the islands of Valaam and Kizhi.The history and spiritual heritage of these places attracted pilgrims, travelers and common people from all over the world for a long time.
    The natural beauty of Russia's North, the plants and animals of this…

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  • Weekend in Moscow

    Weekend in Moscow

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  • Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Saint-Petersburg is built on 42 islands. The beautiful and stately Saint-Petersburg speaks to many of the imagination. 

    Saint-Petersburg is a city with a fabulous cultural character. It's good to know that in Saint-Petersburg official festival period, which is named White Nights. This festival period lasts from June 18 to 30: that's a big…

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  • De Gouden Ring

    De Gouden Ring

    The itinerary runs through the Moscow, Yaroslavl, Costroma and Ivanov regions and this gives the tourist a splendid opportunity to enjoy the fabulous charm of the Central Russia - endless plains, covered with deep forest, birch groves, high hills, lakes, rivers - the landscapes glorified in folk legends, engraved on the pictures of Russian…

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  • Trip througt Yekaterinburg

    Trip througt Yekaterinburg

    There are large numbers of tour operators in the city who arrange for various tours to the Yekaterinburg tourist attractions. You can be a part of these tours to know this city to the fullest. Some of the major Yekaterinburg Tours includes City Tour, sightseeing tour and many others.

    Some of the major Yekaterinburg Tourist Attractions include…

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