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Active Travel

Active Travel

Let you inspired!  
Do you want a lie week at the beach of Black Sea after a camping safari in Asia?
Or you dream of being in your own 4x4 to conquer nature in Urals?
Whether you want a walk through Altai Lake Baikal or make?
The combination of your own ideas, our experience and network of local operators provide an unforgettable journey. 

Our offers in Active Travel

  • Walking tour in Volcanoes

    Walking tour in Volcanoes

    While hiking around volcanoes and geysers you experience the Pacific Ocean, fascinating volcanoes and spectacular geysers. After the hiking tour you can relax in one of the hot springs. 
    An impressive experience is the Fontan geyser. Every 17 minutes it blows steam and boiling water. The big geyser Velican sometimes lets his viewers wait up…

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  • Jeep tours

    Jeep tours

    During a jeep tour you can visit Altay, Khakasia, Tuva and a legendary Baikal Lake. Various landscapes, pristine environment and beautiful views, local villages, accommodation in tents or comfortable tourist centers - all this expeditions provide
    good conditions for organizing off-road safaris in Siberia.

    The speed and the route depend on…

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  • Kamchatka Land

    Volcanoes, geysers, water, bears and reindeer, this trip offers it all. The smoke from the volcanoes and geysers can be seen from a far distance. Soon it feels like paradise. The tour will introduce you to the versatile Kamchatka. Cruising the Pacific Island Starichkov to observe the bird colonies is a whole new experience. 

    A once in a…

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  • Trip to Arkaim village

    Trip to Arkaim village

    "Anastasia" Trip to Arkaim village.
    The fascinating trip to the " Anastasia" village, somewhere in Oeral.
    It is probable one of the particular trips in this area: you come carry cultures with the spirit of this country…

    According to Siberian people the Arkaim village a a holy village: there lives a woman Anastasia,…

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  • Trakking in Altai

    Trakking in Altai

    There are many mountains in Russia, the bald Sayan Mountains in Baykal meer, ranges of Altai, and volcanoes of Kamchatka. Hundreds of itineraries and programs have been developed for those who love mountain climbing, skiing or speleological tourism.

    Many varieties of deer populate these valleys and the open areas are grazed by mountain…

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  • Rafting in Altai

    Rafting in Altai

    Altai is the places of lakes, the most popular places in Russia for travel on water, in the rivers. There is a lot of fish in these waters. On the banks there are a lot of mushrooms and berries.
    A paradise for canoeing enthusiast and fishermen. In those places that are recommended for family vacations, etc. With wild rivers and impassable…

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  • Trekking in Baikal Lake

    Trekking in Baikal Lake

    You can travel on foot in almost all parts of Russia – from the Arctic tundra to the southern steppes. In many places you can combine trekking with mountain climbing. The Baikal Lake is one of the most exciting places for trekking. You can organize a full range of adventure on foot, from the simplest short walks in the mountains that can be…

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