Hotels in Russia

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The unique form of travel.

Let your inspired!
Do you want a lie week at the beach of Black Sea after a camping safari in Asia?
Do you dream of being in your own 4x4 to conquer nature in Urals?
Whether you want a walk through Altai Lake Baikal or make?
The combination of your own ideas, our experience and network of local operators provide an unforgettable journey.

Travelling through Russia

Going-to-Russia has a very extensive network in Russia and therefore we can organize practically everywhere a trip in Russia on measure: of Moscow till Kamchatka. Your own interests, target and the available budget fixed your destination.

Looking for a destination, but your budget is limits? Do you know what spot you want to see or do? Our experts will work with you to tailor a budget-related trip for you to put together. So you can come to us from luxury to low-budget travel.

Eating and sleeping
Good rest and good food are important conditions, to fully enjoy your trip. We can offer different accommodation options, from an idyllic house to a large hotel with all necessary facilities. When you choose do not eat at your accommodation, we can give you several suggestions of restaurants nearby.

On the way
Reliability, security and service are our highly valued, therefore we work only with reputable carriers. Do you in your journey to be accompanied by a tour guide, it is possible and you take him or her at the airport.
The local transport we will also consult with you. Does this segment are there too many options. For the rougher work in the desert or the mountains we put in 4x4's. Get a camping tour through Khakassia, then a specially equipped truck-steppe the ideal method. It is also possible for an engine, car or to rent the bus.