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Tsarskoye Selo

In the 18h and the 19th centuries Tsarskoye Selo was the country residence of the Russian Emperors. The centerpiece of Tsarskoye Selo’s architectural ensemble is the Large Palace, one of the best examples of Russian Baroque. The Palace is surrounded by a beautiful park.

Tsarskoye Selo used to house a lyceum for children of the aristocrazy where Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, went to school in the early 19th century. Today Catherine’s Palace is a museum that gives its visitors glimpse of the history and the daily life of the Russian Imperial Court.

Among the many halls of the palace is the world-famous Amber room. As the name suggest, it is decorated with finely crafted amber.  During World War ll the decor of the Amber room was pillaged by the German troops. Since then it has been almost completely restored.


Location of Tsarskoye Selo