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Saint Petersburg

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About Saint Petersburg

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Saint-Petersburg is built on 42 islands. The beautiful and stately Saint-Petersburg speaks to many of the imagination.

Saint-Petersburg is a city with a fabulous cultural character. It's good to know that in Saint-Petersburg official festival period, which is named White Nights. This festival period lasts from June 18 to 30: that's a big classic party in this incredible beautiful city. During the "White Nights", which is around May 9 to June 30 last, many concerts, ballets, operas and theatrical display.

The attractions in Saint-Petersburg overwhelm even the most seasoned travellers. From
the Hermitage and the State Museum at the Mariinsky Theatre to the magnificent palaces
(Peterhof, Poeskin palace, Pavlovsk Palace, visit Ekaterina Palace) in the cities,
many smaller museums and beautiful churches and cathedrals.

Saint-Petersburg, there to be discovered and to enjoy.