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De Gouden Ring

The itinerary runs through the Moscow, Yaroslavl, Costroma and Ivanov regions and this gives the tourist a splendid opportunity to enjoy the fabulous charm of the Central Russia - endless plains, covered with deep forest, birch groves, high hills, lakes, rivers - the landscapes glorified in folk legends, engraved on the pictures of Russian painters.
The golden domes of churches, cathedrals and monasteries are majestically directed into the sky.The Golden Ring is the name of a chain of very old cities to the northeast of Moscow.
The Golden Ring is one of the most popular tourist routes in Russia.
The cities along this route are rich with history and culture.
Among the ancient monuments are some of the most beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals decorated with unique frescoes and icons, monosteries and ancient citadels, and a variety of museums. Some of the monuments of the Golden Ring are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Among them are the Trinity Monastery of St.Sergius, the white stone architectural masterpieces of Vladimir and Suzdal, and the historic center of the city of Yarosavl.
A tour of the Golden Ring will give you a chance to be transformed by the beauty of ancient monuments and the opportunity to learn a great deal about Russian history, culture and spiritual traditions.

Location of De Gouden Ring