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That is exactly what Arbat was in the 15th century. Today the Old Arbat is the main pedestrian street in the capital. The street had a multitude of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and vendors. Arbat is also the favorite hang-out for artists and street musicians. In 15th century Arbat was a suburb for Moscow Kremlin, in those days Kremlin was the City. Now Arbat is in the center of Moscow, its about 20 minutes walking distance from Kremlin. In those times merchants from East stay here during their visits to Moscow. In 16-17th centuries there lives craftsmen. But in 18-19 Arbat became the most popular place to live for Russian nobles.

Arbat Street is one of the most tourist crowded street in Moscow; this is walking street, no cars are here. There are a lot of souvenirs shops. Arbat is Arabic word means suburb. 


Location of Arbat