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Fishing in Baikal Lake

The Baikal Lake is the deepest sweet water lake in the world, and the pacturesque nature of the area. This region is very rich in fish and is said to be a real paradise for any fisherman. In the rivers and lakes it is possible to fish taimen, grayling, nerpa, lenok, whitefish, pike, burbot and such a species as Baikai Omoel is absolutely unique and inhabits only that area.

Omoel the whitefish is a species that on average 34-39 cm long and weighs 600-800 g (max 56 cm and 2.5 kg). In Russian hot fish omoel (Омуль байкальский). He lives only in Lake Baikal. Omoel the lives of zooplankton and resides in the open water at a depth of 345-450 m. The spawning season is in October, then pull the outputs of each timber to the rivers which feed the lake with water as the Selenge. There is a large commercial fishing on the omoel. It is a tasty fish, which in various ways can be prepared and eaten. The roe is eaten as a omoelkaviaar. 


Location of Fishing in Baikal Lake