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Lake Baikal - The Pearl of Siberia

Lake Baikal is deepest and oldest freshwater lake, containing more than one fifth of the fresh water supply, is 1,637 meters (1mi) deep and almost 640 kilometers long. Baikal is unusual ecosystem supports 848 unique animal and 133 unique plant specials. Its water capacity is 23 thousand cubic kilometers which is one-fifth of the fresh water of the Earth excluding glaciers.

However, it is the pristine beauty of the lake and the surrounding mountain ranges make Baikal a major attraction for any nature lover.  Northwest of Lake Baikal is occupied with permafrost and the mountains are covered with taiga. The lianas of wild grape can be found on the Khamar-Daban chain as well as the famous Blue Siberian spruce tree. The forests are rich in berries and mushrooms. Sable and squirrel are common and the objects of fur hunting. There are many mosquitoes, midges, and horseflies in the forests. 

Location of Lake Baikal - The Pearl of Siberia