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Diving at Baikal

Diving in Siberia? Who doesn't think immediately of icy water and unspoilt nature? But above all we experienced the elemental beauty and the magical power of Lake Baikal during a breathtaking dive expedition. Baikal is edged with mountains. It’s mountain relief of Baikal region that determines coast traits. Whole of Baikal coastlines are separated with bays and capes. In 1886Yan Chersky numbered 174 capes, 101 of which are located on the North-Western coast, while 73 belong to the South-Eastern coastline. 

The Olhonskie Vorota Strait leads to the Small Sea, big isolated area between Western Baikal coast and biggest island – Olkhon. The Small Sea is one of unique Baikal regions thanks to climate conditions. Comfortable for yacht parking bays on the South, rare rains, rather warm water, rock-taiga and steep landscapes, as well as, accessibility make this place very popular but vulnerable. Olkhon islands are integral part of Baikal. Under latest data, there are near 35 rather stable islands.

Location of Diving at Baikal