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The great rivers of Altai

The largest and most interesting for rafting are the Katun, Argut, Bashkaus, Chulyshman, Chuya, Shavla, and Chulcha rivers. Most of them have steep gradients as they bend their way through the mountains.

Typically, the water level in these rivers rises rapidly during a rainstorm and returns to normal soon after. One will also discover that the valleys in the higher regions are wide and, thus, the currents are relatively weak here. But in the middle and lower reaches, the valleys are narrow and deeply cut. The rivers are often squeezed by sheer walls, known in Russia as "cheeks."

Many of these rivers then run out of the gorges in the form or waterfalls, the largest of which is the Chulchinskiy Waterfall. 

Location of The great rivers of Altai