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Russia is a multi-purpose country with much potential for the future to work with: the international business and the incentive travel have already discovered that.
Our knowledge in Russian mentality and the way of doing business is your success to do your own trip in Russia.

Going-to-Russia organizes travel measure work to the different places in Russia.

With our creative ideas and good knowledge of this country we can best advise you on the numerous opportunities for a successful incentive, group or business trip.
  • Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Best trips to Russia

    Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

    Saint-Petersburg is built on 42 islands. The beautiful and stately Saint-Petersburg speaks to many of the imagination. 

    Saint-Petersburg is a city with a fabulous cultural character. It's good to know that in Saint-Petersburg official festival period, which is named White Nights. This festival period lasts from June 18 to 30: that's a big classic party in this incredible beautiful city. During the "White Nights", which is around May 9 to June…

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  • Walking tour in Volcanoes

    Best trips to Russia

    Walking tour in Volcanoes

    While hiking around volcanoes and geysers you experience the Pacific Ocean, fascinating volcanoes and spectacular geysers. After the hiking tour you can relax in one of the hot springs. 
    An impressive experience is the Fontan geyser. Every 17 minutes it blows steam and boiling water. The big geyser Velican sometimes lets his viewers wait up to 5 hours but that is certainly worth it. The overwhelming nature can be experienced in tents…

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  • Trakking in Altai

    Best trips to Russia

    Trakking in Altai

    There are many mountains in Russia, the bald Sayan Mountains in Baykal meer, ranges of Altai, and volcanoes of Kamchatka. Hundreds of itineraries and programs have been developed for those who love mountain climbing, skiing or speleological tourism.

    Many varieties of deer populate these valleys and the open areas are grazed by mountain goats, sheep, and yaks.


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  • Fishing in Kamchatka

    Best trips to Russia

    Fishing in Kamchatka

    The Rainbows of Kamchatka are fortunate compared with another fishing places. Being further south with warmer weather patterns allows for a significantly larger biomass. This food-rich aquatic environment has created a fishing mecca. While some anglers prefer a fishing trip organized around floating downstream to a new camp each day, others prefer to base out of a centralized “home away from home” for the week, with quick daily…

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